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  • Welcome to my website and Storytelling through Paint!

    As an American Mixed Media Artist, Audrea “AudieG” Gustafson, shares her unique and awe-inspiring art with the world as a lifestyle blogger and someone who inspires others via her art, floral, interior design and a delightful knack for repurposing junk into imaginative beauty. An accomplished storyteller, Audie’s art tells stories that captivates the heart, soul and spirit of the viewer and brings them into a delightful world of “Pinwheels and Kaleidoscopes.” Her artistic “stories” fill the soul and lift the spirits of viewers while inviting them to peek into a unique world; a world that allows her to share deep spiritual beauty and childlike wonderment through words, art and design.

Hello friends,

I have been busy with family, holidays, paint and travel lately.   In between, I launched a new store making a place for some of my originals and other things that are highly requested.  I appreciate all of the inquiries the last few months and being patient while I figured out the best way to make this a reality.   I hope this helps direct you to one place making it easier to find what you are looking for without having to wait on an answer from me.   You may view items for sale on this website by clicking the “Art for Sale” Tab.   Below are some of the most asked about pieces.    Have a great Holiday and look forward to sharing more art with you in 2018!   xo xo Audie



“The Meaning of Christmas”,  16 x 20 Mixed Media on 140 lb mixed media paper. Acrylics, ink, watercolor and more.  This was a labor of love with prayer from several of my artist friends. Day 2 into this was unable to focus. The color palette was inspired by Olga Furman “Fly with Me” Lesson in #Paintyourheartandsoul2017 then morphed from the palette into the piece God wanted it to become. Thank you Sisters and of course the Lord above that gave us the ultimate gift!!


Hey Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the fall season this year. Every time during Autumn for the last several years I get the urge to go heavy on the collage elements in my work.   This year was no different and I had a blast with these 3 quirky Mixed Media ladies.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.  xo xo Audie


I have been absent from most of my Art social media accounts and yes, my main website blog included.  My world was split open and nothing made sense.  My life summed up in one simple word, G R I E F.   Three major blows occurred during the last five years and the last two knocked me totally out for a long while.  I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer after an almost 2 yr battle.  I lost my Dad after a 5 yr battle with Alzheimer’s, then the final totally unexpected blow came.   The one whom I turned to and walked so closely with daily, my mother’s identical twin was diagnosed with Leukemia three weeks after I buried my father.   She went in the hospital and never came out.  Eight weeks later she had died.   

I entered a stage when people talked at me and for me and around me, and not only did I no longer understand what they’re saying, I no longer cared.

My life was normal, and then, suddenly, it was not… I walked the path for 5 years and still NOT.  I was not able to fully grieve one death when followed by another.  I watched my dad die a long horrible death for many years with the most dreaded disease as that alone was not enough.

When out-of-order death enters your life, everything changes.

“It’s like being in a crowded movie theater. Everyone starts out watching the same picture, exactly the one they bought tickets for, exactly the same one as advertised. At some point, the screen rips in two, it shatters, and a whole new film begins. This one is surreal and strange, a horror show where there wasn’t one before. The characters have changed, the stage set is wrong. There are three moons in the sky, and this wasn’t science fiction when it started.

But the worst thing — the worst thing — is not that the movie has changed, but that no one else has noticed that it’s changed. They are all still watching as though nothing has happened. No one seems to notice that the screen has split and morphed, that everything is different now.

But until they see the screen you see, they will never understand.”as grief counselor Megen Divine says…  Thus, I had to disappear and find at least a part of who I was again.  Who am I without the 3 most important people I have walked my entire life with every day!???  I am at a point I can post to my website and facebook fan page again starting today.  Thank you for being there patiently and to those who never left me during this whole process.  This was the first piece since my aunt died. “Moving Forward”, this girl was a start to get the “elephant out of the room”, clearing the way for my heart to paint again. She was inspired from Olga Furman’s #PaintyourHeartandSoul2017 week 28.  I also have to say thanks to all who have sent messages asking where my art was and why you have not seen any. Your words of encouragement have meant the world to me.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting other works I have done since this one to catch up my pages.  I hope you are inspired and encouraged by them.   Love, Audie