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  • Welcome to my website and Storytelling through Paint!

    As an American Mixed Media Artist, Audrea “AudieG” Gustafson, shares her unique and awe-inspiring art with the world as a lifestyle blogger and someone who inspires others via her art, floral, interior design and a delightful knack for repurposing junk into imaginative beauty. An accomplished storyteller, Audie’s art tells stories that captivates the heart, soul and spirit of the viewer and brings them into a delightful world of “Pinwheels and Kaleidoscopes.” Her artistic “stories” fill the soul and lift the spirits of viewers while inviting them to peek into a magical world; a world that allows her to share deep spiritual beauty and childlike wonderment through words, art and design. To learn more about Audie's art visit her youtube channel at

Hey Friends, this little guy left my studio earlier this summer to his new owner, This was for a themed “Circus” Folder Swap I had been working on for several months with some awesome friends. I am just now getting around to posting him. There are 6 total in this series and I plan to share them all by weeks end. An older Youtube process video when I started him is on my channel and three other’s from this same series. My channel is xo xo Audie




I am back from a much needed break this July from working tirelessly on my YouTube channel just in time to present a new project that is a collaboration with many artists in the ‪#‎StudioABSee‬ Members of Studio A B See’s Facebook art group.

We proudly present the Underwater Fantasy Hop.

This is a special hop as we have been paired with never before seen on youtube artists to share their project in our video with a tutorial of their process. I had the sweet pleasure of working with
Mischelle Wilson from Studio Inspire. After watching my video Link below, hop to the next artists’ video by clicking on the first link in my description box. Watch each video & continue to click on the first link below the video. You will know you have viewed all of the videos when you return to the first video you viewed! Happy Hopping!  I chose a mermaid project on sticks that I am making into nail files and she chose a seahorse.  Enjoy xo xo AudieG





Meet “Guided”, the Mermaid inspired by Tamara Laporte’s #EverAfter2016 workshop. This is what’s going on in my studio this week. I am taking a break from my own routine to focus on regeneration. You know, kind of like a sabbatical but with paint. : )  I combined some of Tam’s creative elements with my own.   The Sea Horse represents all of the beautiful Angel creatures that God sends into my life to guide and protect me as I swim along on my path through life.   As with any Sea it can be calm, peaceful or turbulent.  I need Sea Horses in my life.  The octopus represents for me all of the friends, family and supportive people God puts into my life to also lovingly assist, comfort, encourage and guide me along the way.   My Prayer and meditation is one that Thanks God for all of these necessaries in life and for how much he LOVES ME by constantly Guiding me with Sea Horses and Octopuses. I pray I will not be blinded or miss the messages.   If you would love to join in on the fun of this online workshop you can sign up at  It’s a fairy tale to share with other creatives.  xo xo Audie everafterlittlemermaidaudieg_28121628616_o


New Video published on my youtube Channel which is  a Step by Step Tutorial on how to Paint a Grisaille Portrait on recycled cardboard for a themed swap.   I am often asked what is the source of my inspiration… for me it’s a spiritual one.  I started the process first in quiet time of prayer and scripture reading with the Lord before starting this painting.  The Holy Spirit, himself, is the source of my inspiration.   I was so excited to meet who the Lord introduced to me through this entire process.   I chose not to fight with her because she is not my own.   God and HIM alone is the Author, The Starter of my Creativity and the finisher.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 (NIV) and in this scripture He reveals He is the One True Artist.   Thank you heavenly Father for how you work through us and for the Gift of creativity.  I hope you enjoy the process and try one of your own.  If you do your own portrait please tag me on instagram or facebook as I would love to see it!  Have an awesome Blessed week.. xo xo Audie



Hope this week finds everyone well.  A new Video has gone up which is a DIY Finding Dory Becky Character 3D card project. It is a collaboration I did with the Off Kilter Crafter Ian. This layered card measures 5×7 and fits in an envelope when folded flat. When you stand this card up it creates a lovely 3D scene. Upon doing some research and seeing the new Finding Dory Character Becky, she just jumped into my heart real quick!   Enjoy Audie..