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Meet “Guided”

Meet “Guided”, the Mermaid inspired by Tamara Laporte’s #EverAfter2016 workshop. This is what’s going on in my studio this week. I am taking a break from my own routine to focus on regeneration. You know, kind of like a sabbatical but with paint. : )  I combined some of Tam’s creative elements with my own.   The Sea Horse represents all of the beautiful Angel creatures that God sends into my life to guide and protect me as I swim along on my path through life.   As with any Sea it can be calm, peaceful or turbulent.  I need Sea Horses in my life.  The octopus represents for me all of the friends, family and supportive people God puts into my life to also lovingly assist, comfort, encourage and guide me along the way.   My Prayer and meditation is one that Thanks God for all of these necessaries in life and for how much he LOVES ME by constantly Guiding me with Sea Horses and Octopuses. I pray I will not be blinded or miss the messages.   If you would love to join in on the fun of this online workshop you can sign up at  It’s a fairy tale to share with other creatives.  xo xo Audie everafterlittlemermaidaudieg_28121628616_o