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    Audrea “AudieG” Gustafson, born of a Baptist Minister, had color, light and design in her blood for as long as she can remember. She is a vivid dreamer, a seeker of deep spiritual truth, and a lover of peace with quiet stillness. You would often find her reading a book, out exploring nature in her RV also called the “Art Studio on Wheels”, getting her hands dirty in potting soil or repurposing junk into imaginative beauty. She lives in a suburb outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma called Stone Canyon with her “jack of all trades” husband, and their 5 lb black, white and tan tri-color pomeranian dog, Maggie Pearl.

I have been absent from most of my Art social media accounts and yes, my main website blog included.  My world was split open and nothing made sense.  My life summed up in one simple word, G R I E F.   Three major blows occurred during the last five years and the last two knocked me totally out for a long while.  I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer after an almost 2 yr battle.  I lost my Dad after a 5 yr battle with Alzheimer’s, then the final totally unexpected blow came.   The one whom I turned to and walked so closely with daily, my mother’s identical twin was diagnosed with Leukemia three weeks after I buried my father.   She went in the hospital and never came out.  Eight weeks later she had died.   

I entered a stage when people talked at me and for me and around me, and not only did I no longer understand what they’re saying, I no longer cared.

My life was normal, and then, suddenly, it was not… I walked the path for 5 years and still NOT.  I was not able to fully grieve one death when followed by another.  I watched my dad die a long horrible death for many years with the most dreaded disease as that alone was not enough.

When out-of-order death enters your life, everything changes.

“It’s like being in a crowded movie theater. Everyone starts out watching the same picture, exactly the one they bought tickets for, exactly the same one as advertised. At some point, the screen rips in two, it shatters, and a whole new film begins. This one is surreal and strange, a horror show where there wasn’t one before. The characters have changed, the stage set is wrong. There are three moons in the sky, and this wasn’t science fiction when it started.

But the worst thing — the worst thing — is not that the movie has changed, but that no one else has noticed that it’s changed. They are all still watching as though nothing has happened. No one seems to notice that the screen has split and morphed, that everything is different now.

But until they see the screen you see, they will never understand.”as grief counselor Megen Divine says…  Thus, I had to disappear and find at least a part of who I was again.  Who am I without the 3 most important people I have walked my entire life with every day!???  I am at a point I can post to my website and facebook fan page again starting today.  Thank you for being there patiently and to those who never left me during this whole process.  This was the first piece since my aunt died. “Moving Forward”, this girl was a start to get the “elephant out of the room”, clearing the way for my heart to paint again. She was inspired from Olga Furman’s #PaintyourHeartandSoul2017 week 28.  I also have to say thanks to all who have sent messages asking where my art was and why you have not seen any. Your words of encouragement have meant the world to me.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting other works I have done since this one to catch up my pages.  I hope you are inspired and encouraged by them.   Love, Audie


I have been gone from my website and social media for several months.  My dad was put on hospice with the last phase of Alzheimer’s back this last October.   He died February 26, 2017 and needless to say I am in the grief and mourning phase still however, I have returned to my studio and art is keeping me going while healing.   I will be sharing again and hope to catch up with what everyone’s been doing in their own studios.   Meet “Blessed”, Mixed Media on paper… The building, walkway and tree layout was inspired by Danielle Mack’s week 9 in #paintyourheartandsoul2017.. I have always adored little white country churches, maybe because I grew up in them with daddy preaching. Old country roads, the smell of fresh air surrounded by cows along with sweet hymns being played:) If you would like to see Danielle’s version check her out on instagram or FB.   Have a lovely weekend!! xo xo Audie 


A view of my submission created for the #ICAlumniHop that went live this week on youtube. You can win the original of her and several other wonderful artists’ art in a bound art journal. The ICAlumni Members proudly present the first of three Journal Giveaway Hops. (See giveaway rules in the video description of my journal entry here … .) After watching the video
hop to the next artists’ video by clicking on the first link below. Watch each video & continue to click on the first link below the video. You will know you have viewed all of the videos when you return to the first video you viewed! Happy Hopping! xo xo Audie



Hey Friends, this little guy left my studio earlier this summer to his new owner, This was for a themed “Circus” Folder Swap I had been working on for several months with some awesome friends. I am just now getting around to posting him. There are 6 total in this series and I plan to share them all by weeks end. An older Youtube process video when I started him is on my channel and three other’s from this same series. My channel is xo xo Audie




I am back from a much needed break this July from working tirelessly on my YouTube channel just in time to present a new project that is a collaboration with many artists in the ‪#‎StudioABSee‬ Members of Studio A B See’s Facebook art group.

We proudly present the Underwater Fantasy Hop.

This is a special hop as we have been paired with never before seen on youtube artists to share their project in our video with a tutorial of their process. I had the sweet pleasure of working with
Mischelle Wilson from Studio Inspire. After watching my video Link below, hop to the next artists’ video by clicking on the first link in my description box. Watch each video & continue to click on the first link below the video. You will know you have viewed all of the videos when you return to the first video you viewed! Happy Hopping!  I chose a mermaid project on sticks that I am making into nail files and she chose a seahorse.  Enjoy xo xo AudieG